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Free and foolproof vedic astrology software : 'Kundalee'

Kundalee Software has been upgraded and those who were facing installation problems should re-install all files afresh from the following site :

Main Features of Kundalee Software :

It is absolutely free.

It contains two mathematical modes : Drik (physical astronomy based on NASA's algorithm supplied by Astrodienst) and SSS (Shri Surya Siddhaanta as coded by Vinay Jha)

It is dynamically linked to JHora (Jagannatha Hora) free software made by PVR Narasimha Rao (Boston, USA). JHora has both mathematical options too : Drik and SSS, and has a great variety of phalita options. Kundalee's birthdata can be automatically sent to JHora and JHora started (if already installed) at the click of a button, so that all the features of both Kundalee and JHora can be simultaneously used, as if Kundalee and JHora were different pages of same software. No other Vedic Astrology software in the world has as many features as JHora, and the best Parashari tool is available only in Kundalee software : Dashaa Onset Charts.

World's best mapping software for South Asia is a part of Kundalee software, which can help in locating half a million named villages, and at the click of a button Google Earth based Wikimapia will open at the location entered into Kundalee data-form. If you change the location in Wikimapia, its meridians will automatically fall into Kundalee's data-form at the click of another button. Thus, birth-place can be exactly located. High-resolution topological map of South Asia containing a lot of other data such as population of places in size, forests, mountains, etc are also added dynamically, which can be enlarged to get elevation patterns upto village level.

Kundalee Software's Dashaa Onset Charts can enable you to make perfect astrological analysis without any error. For learning the use of this feature, read the following detailed case study of Indira Gandhi :

For astrological discussions, you can join the following free yahoo group :

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