Installation Problem

Some filenames in Kundalee have more than 8 characters (excl. extension), which is truncated to 8 characters by Windows settings of some users. When this happens, Kundalee program fails to find those files.

If installation is defective, please try to change Windows settings. In next version, I will keep English database filename with 8 characters which will enable English version to run in all machines, I hope.

One user said he changed Windows fancy display settings to standard, after which Kundalee started working well. You are yourself a knowledgeable person in these matters.

In some versions of Windows, location of temp folder may cause installation problem. If Run Time Error "ceate process….error" comes in and program does not work , try the following :

In XP or above you can create a new temp folder and asign it to environment variable by

Right clicking on My Computer > properties > advanced tab > environment variables > New , write "TEMP" for 'Variable' and "C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Local Settings\Temp" for 'Value' if it is absent.


Right click on My Computer > properties > advanced tab > System variables > New , write "TEMP" for 'Variable' and "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP for 'Value' if it is absent.

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